Zeolite Powder, Medical Quality

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Zeolite powder Klinopur, certified medical quality
  • Detoxify naturally: supports detoxification and strengthening of the intestinal wall barrier by binding heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium and nickel) and ammonium in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Medical product of the best quality: Klinopur is ultra-fine ground (about 4 microns) zeolite powder. The processed volcanic minerals are characterized by special purity.
  • Pure nature: 100% clinoptilolite zeolite. Particularly high, pure clinoptilolite content, therefore even a small dosage is sufficient.
  • Highest standards: First-class raw material quality! Particularly high quality clinoptilolite zeolite. Mining takes place exclusively in a mining area unpolluted by environmental influences in the middle of the nature of Europe. Careful testing and selection.
  • Premium quality instead of cheap: complete quality assurance throughout the entire value chain. From mining to extra fine grinding to packaging.
What is Klinopur?

KLINOPUR is a natural mineral of volcanic origin and has amazing properties. It has a systematic regulative effect on the human organism via ion exchange, binding harmful substances. These are excreted through the gastrointestinal tract.

KLINOPUR is a premium zeolite and tested medical product, which has the highest possible content of clinoptilolite as well as being ground ultra-fine.

Why Klinopur?

We can do a lot to feel good in our bodies. This includes relieving it of environmental and food toxins as best as possible. Unfortunately, we are all exposed to pollutants such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) on a daily basis.
How can we optimally protect our body from the unavoidable intake of these pollutants?
Quite simple: with KLINOPUR!
This is the only way to make a significant contribution to detoxification and strengthen the intestinal wall, which functions as our personal “protective shield” in the body.
Intended main effect: To support detoxification and strengthen the
Intestinal Wall Barrier by binding heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium and nickel) and ammonium in the gastrointestinal tract.

First class raw material quality

When it comes to unique raw material, only the best can be just good enough. Klinopur is the only manufacturer in Europe to use its own raw material for the careful production of its medical product.
The company’s own deposit was selected after strict selection among numerous analyzed. In it, particularly high-quality clinoptilolite zeolite has been mined exclusively for Klinopur for over 10 years.
The unpolluted raw material source is located in the midst of untouched nature, so that the highest possible purity can be ensured. Mining, transport, production and packaging are carried out in a particularly gentle and conscientious manner in compliance with the strictest quality assurance processes and measures.

Ultrafine KLINOPUR grinding

The Klinopur zeolite is of volcanic origin and has a particularly high content of clinoptilolite. As a result, it is endowed with a large porosity and a special cation binding capacity. In Klinopur, these properties are not only preserved but even enhanced by a particularly gentle grinding process.
A special grinding technique is used in the processing procedure, which ensures the fineness as well as an exceptionally high inner surface and activates the zeolite energetically. The effect is thus increased, so that only a small amount needs to be taken daily (at 1 spoon per day, 150 g are sufficient for 35 intakes).

Medical product tested to the highest standards

Only Klinopur combines optimal raw material quality through its own extraction with ultra-fine as well as activating grinding and an accredited quality assurance system. Klinopur is certified as a Class IIa medical product in accordance with European Directive 93/42/EEC – recognizable by the CE mark with a four-digit identification number from the CE 0477 testing laboratory.
The CE mark stands for comprehensive safety, efficacy and verified quality through regular analyses by external testing laboratories.

Note: This is a medical product, please follow the instructions & notes on the label carefully!


Manufacturer “Klinopur”

When it comes to unique zeolite, only the best is good enough. Klinopur is the only manufacturer in Europe that carefully produces medical products from its own raw materials. Among the numerous deposits analyzed, the company’s deposits have been carefully selected. For over ten years, Klinopur has been exclusively mining particularly high-quality clinoptilolite. Uncontaminated raw material sources are located in uncontaminated nature, so we can guarantee the highest possible purity. Extraction, transport and, of course, production and packaging are carried out particularly gently and carefully according to strictly tested processes and measures. Klinopur owns the entire value chain and can therefore guarantee the highest standards in the long term.


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Zeolite Powder, Medical Quality
34.90 74.90  inc. Vat or from 31.41 67.41  inc. Vat / month

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