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Outrage in Hühnerhausen – a fox has stolen the golden egg! Your common task is now to get on the track of the thieving fox before the crook disappears in his foxhole! Work as a team in this board game, sifting through the various clues with the magical fox scanner to gradually shed light on the mystery!

Verfuxt is a delightful board game for children and the whole family – it is the winner of the 2016 “As d’Or” – Children’s Game of the Year in France and it is on the recommended list in Germany for the 2017 Children’s Game of the Year.

Short game rules

Search Hühnerhausen and get the crucial clue tiles on the game board with some dice luck. By examining them with the magic fox scanner, you acquire more and more knowledge. In the course of the game, the circle of suspects is reduced. Will you find the fox who stole the golden egg before he disappears into the fox’s den?

20.15  inc. Vat

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