Unlock! Kids

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The cooperative puzzle game UNLOCK! returns with a kid-friendly version. For UNLOCK! Kids no app is needed and thanks to the tutorial there are no rules to read.

Venture together or alone into 3 exciting worlds full of puzzles and riddles. As the elements and cards can be decoded one more time, 6 adventures are at your disposal.

Dive into tricky cases and search exciting, colorful worlds like Mac Unlock’s castle, the magical amusement park or the farm. Solve the puzzles and uncover the mystery.

In UNLOCK! Kids there is no time limit. Explore the game world together and look closely at the cards and pieces. There are different difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players.

1-4 players | Ages 6+ | Up to 20+ minutes of play per game.

Unlock! Kids
20.99  inc. Vat

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