Tribest Sproutman’s Sprossen Station

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Healthy food so cheap and easy

The Sproutman’s® Sprout Station for cereal grasses, sprouts or micro greens is the easy way to grow ingredients for juices and salads yourself! After just 10 days, you can enjoy your first freshly squeezed wheat or barley grass juice. Steve Meyerowitz, also known as Sproutmann in the USA, has developed this set, which enables you to grow your own seeds easily and hygienically without or with soil, just as you like. Each part of the station is made of BPA-free plastic.

Besides the set you need:

  • some space to set it up
  • a room temperature of about 20° C
  • water
  • daylight

A handy spray bottle for easy watering is included.

Get the health benefits of grass juices by growing fresh greens at home and processing them right after harvest.

Space-saving cultivation on 3 levels

With Sproutman’s 3 growing trays, you’ll always have wheatgrass or sprouts fresh at your fingertips. The three specially designed 4-piece grow-out trays consist of the tray, a grid for growing without soil, a light-tight cover for germination in the first few days, and a transparent hood. The hood provides the proper microclimate while still allowing enough light to pass through for chlorophyll formation.

The Sproutman’s® Sprout Station has three convenient levels, so you can grow in three trays at a time or stagger the growing to suit your needs. If you have a high demand, you can even combine multiple Sproutman’s Sprout Stations! The practical modular plug-in system makes it possible. When you buy 3 sets, you get a 5% discount.

With or without soil?

Soil or just water? This question drives many health-conscious people with green thumbs. Actually, whether grown on soil or with water only, plants are very similar. A study on nutrient content concluded that both growing forms are relatively equivalent in the first 7 days. Hydroponically grown plants (without soil) could be supported with organic liquid fertilizer beginning on day 7. Steve Meyrowitz, known in the USA as Sproutman and developer of the Sprout Station, recommends growing without soil because, in his view, the effort involved does not justify the extra nutrients.

Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai of the University of Texas System Cancer Center chose soilless wheatgrass for her research, which focused on the therapeutic effects of wheatgrass. Robert Nees, former director of Optimum Health Institute, the major wheatgrass retreat center in California, also served hydroponic wheatgrass to his guests. He reported that there was no discernible difference, from the juice of wheat grown on soil.

The big picture is critical to your decision – which method best fits your lifestyle?

Tribest Sproutman’s Sprossen Station
139.95  inc. Vat

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