Tourmaline Thermo Vital Heat Mat

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Warmth does you good, especially those who are sick like a thick blanket, a hot water bottle or at least hot tea. Healing science has also been making use of heat for thousands of years. But there is even more possible:

Certain infrared applications have the potential to not only be soothing, they can stimulate the immune system, relieve pain, boost circulation, metabolism and energy, and aid in detoxification.

After just a few moments on the Tourmaline Vitality Mat you will feel a pleasant relaxation and lightness.

Can be used everywhere: private, wellness, relaxation room, cosmetics, salt cave, exclusive room
Simple, self-explanatory control via remote control + low energy consumption & little space required

Therapists use the IF-Thermo-VitalMat for better regeneration, pain relief and many other indications.
Institutes and massage practices use the IF-Thermo-VitalMat to preheat the patient.

The unique combination of warmth and energy therapy means:

  • Relaxation for the mind and a benefit for the body.
  • Simply let the soul dangle, with healthy, long-wave infrared light
  • Soothing tourmaline heat for joint problems, pain, tension and back problems
  • Fast regeneration for states of exhaustion and fatigue
  • Anti aging by supporting the detoxification processes in the body
  • Vitality increase by stimulation of metabolism and invigoration of microcirculation
  • Healing energetic information transfer strengthens power and life energy
  • Restful sleep through better blood circulation and more oxygen


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Tourmaline Thermo Vital Heat Mat
1,490.00  inc. Vat

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