Tourmaline Infrawell Mini Dome – 360° Heat

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It generates the so-called “far infrared rays” (infrared C), also called vital rays. This is the part of the sun’s infrared radiation, whose exclusively positive effect on the body is well researched. Infrared C rays are able to transport heat deep into the human body. In doing so, they gently and beneficially increase the body temperature and activate the body’s energy reserves. Improved blood circulation increases the transport of oxygen and nutrients in all cells and accelerates the elimination of waste products. In this way, the body’s own repair and regeneration processes are gently set in motion.

The MiniDOM offers many advantages over other radiation devices and conventional methods such as heat cabins or saunas:

It generates only the well-tolerated infrared C rays, which are precisely tuned to the wavelength of the heat radiation generated by the human body itself.

The heating surface is equipped with coin-sized tourmaline stones, which produce optimal biocompatible heat and at the same time develop pyroelectric effect.
The device can be used lying or sitting on the floor, bed or sofa.
The MiniDOM is easily portable (weight only 12 kg) and thus versatile in positioning.

Application: The application time is 15-60 minutes, twice a day if needed.
The MiniDOM has a diameter of 75 cm; is 50 cm long and 52 cm high. The power consumption is 400 watts.


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Tourmaline Infrawell Mini Dome – 360° Heat
1,298.00  inc. Vat

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