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Terra Biosa is an organic soil conditioner with living microorganism and fermented herbs for optimized plant growth and active soil. It is suitable for the targeted use of all soils in the open field, under glass and film and provides better growing conditions:

  • In the vegetable garden
  • For fruit trees, berry bushes and vines
  • For balcony and indoor plants
  • Perennials, roses and ornamental shrubs
  • Ornamental and sports lawns


  • Watering with Terra Biosa is best done in the evening when it is damp, never in hot weather in full sun.
  • Terra Biosa is not used in winter, because the activity of microorganisms depends on the temperature.
  • For larger areas and surfaces (bushes, trees, vegetables), we recommend using a backpack sprayer to apply Terra Biosa.

To activate the starter culture, we recommend high-quality sugar cane molasses!

Terra Biosa offers the following advantages:
  • Increased decomposition and transformation processes in the soil
  • Improved soil structure and increased water capacity (physical, chemical and biological)
  • Strengthening of plant growth
  • Acceleration of germination
  • Nutrient-rich compost without odor
  • Can support humus build-up and soil regeneration
Terra Biosa – results from practice:

The application of Terra Biosa in the cultivation of organic carrots gave the following results:

  • Fresher carrots with a longer shelf life (15% less waste).
  • Increase of yields by about 23
  • A lower nitrate content in carrots
  • Earlier maturity and therefore earlier harvest

The application of Terra Biosa in the irrigation of lettuce gave the following results:

  • Stronger lettuce with more flavor and longer shelf life.
  • Heads of lettuce with strong, smooth leaves – almost no leaves
  • had to be removed during harvesting
  • Lettuce that stays fresh and crisp for a long time
  • A 24% lower nitrate content



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Terra Biosa
26.95 249.00  inc. Vat

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