Super Colloidal Silver

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Super colloidal silver is produced for you with enormous care by our close partner manufacturer Kuruma OG in Austria. Through years of research by the developers from Kurma, you can now use this special quality of colloidal silver in your personal everyday life as a technical aid. The quality of agwa colloids convinces through purest composition of mountain spring water, deionized and revitalized.

agwa super colloidal silver are particularly high-quality super colloids, which were created in years of further development of process and production steps. Every living organism can benefit from the protective mode of action. Due to the specially developed production form, a new dimension of colloidal silver opens up in terms of stability (colloid stable for more than a year) and quality (no mixture of ions). In its overall quality, agwa’s products are first-class super colloids. With constant production parameters such as temperature, purity of all materials, highly professional and hygienic working methods, the latest high-tech equipment as well as process engineering know-how, e.g. for special energy dosages, it is only possible to produce a previously unknown colloid quality, agwa super colloidal silver. Mountain spring water from first extraction is freed from all disturbing impurities, deionized and restored to a high-quality and natural state by a special technique. The subsequent enrichment with the purest fine silver results in this unique quality product, which in its pure elemental form (no ion mixture) provides the greatest possible benefit for the user.

Ingredients: mountain spring water, deionized and revitalized, purest fine silver in a concentration of 25 ppm

Use: technical aid wherever pure silver colloid is to be used.

Storage: In order to preserve the quality as long as possible, the bottle should always be kept closed, cool and protected from direct sunlight. Refrigerated storage is not recommended. Proximity to electromagnetic fields such as cell phones, PCs or TV sets should be avoided. Contamination of the original container, especially during withdrawal, should be avoided. Contact with base metals and colloids should be avoided.

“agwa” colloidal silver is neither an approved drug, food supplement nor foodstuff and may therefore only be used as a commodity in the form of a technical aid.




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Super Colloidal Silver
14.90 36.90  inc. Vat or from 13.41 33.21  inc. Vat / month

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