Sprouted Spelt Flour

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The better flour

Whether pizza or pancakes – with our sprouted spelt flour you are well equipped for baking. It’s a well-known fact that whole grain products fill you up longer and contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals. But what makes our spelt flour so special?
Our spelt is germinated in a controlled process. To do this, the grain is first soaked in water and then regularly rinsed with water until a tiny sprout grows from it. Shortly after the tiny sprout breaks through, the grain contains the perfect composition of nutrients. At this precise moment, it is dried using a special process, thus stopping the germination process.

Concentrated mineral and protein power

During the germination process, the composition of the grain changes – it comes to life and biochemical processes are triggered. The germination process unleashes minerals, especially in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Spelt is one of the most protein-rich grains – According to our analyses, our sprouted spelt has a protein content of 15.5%. So you can enjoy this concentrated mineral and protein in the form of pancakes, pizza or bread with a clear conscience.

For your belly feeling

During the sprouting process of spelt, certain enzymes are activated, including amylases. Amylases are also released from the salivary glands in the mouth and pancreas during the digestion of carbohydrates in the human body. The amylases produced during germination do the same work as our digestive enzymes and thus facilitate the digestion of whole grain products.

Additional information

Nutritional values per


Calorific value kj

1573 kj

Calorific value kcal

372 kcal


3,1 g

Saturated fatty acids

0,5 g


67 g

Of which sugar

2,7 g

Dietary Fibre

9,2 g


14 g


0,01 g

Sprouted Spelt Flour
5.90  inc. Vat

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