Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

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Topfruits germinated pumpkin seeds have organic and raw food quality and are characterized by valuable plant substances due to the germination process. The germination process decisively increases the content of important ingredients in the pumpkin seeds. Minerals such as manganese, copper, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium are significantly increased. The proportion of enzymes and amino acids contained, especially L-arginine, are also significantly increased by germination. Vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids also accumulate in the pumpkin seeds. In addition, organic pumpkin seeds germinated contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids, a lot of vegetable protein with only a few carbohydrates. The germination process also increases the bioavailability of the contained vital substances. This is because during germination the enzyme phytase is released, which reduces the phytic acid contained in the pumpkin seeds. Phytic acid inhibits the body to absorb various micronutrients. Due to the gentle drying after germination, all important vital substances are preserved. Germinated pumpkin seeds are also a source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays an important role in intestinal transit and provides a longer feeling of satiety. They are naturally gluten-free. Organic pumpkin seeds germinated taste mildly nutty and have a light crunchy consistency due to the drying after the germination process. Topfruits Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds can be eaten directly, but can also be used in the kitchen in many ways.

Advantages Topfruits Organic Germinated Pumpkin Seeds at a glance
  • Sprouted pumpkin seeds in organic and raw food quality
  • natural, without additives
  • unsalted and unroasted
  • alkaline and gluten-free
  • high content of vegetable protein
  • source of dietary fiber
Germinated pumpkin seeds organic: What happens during germination and drying?

In each seedling of a seed are all the plants for the resulting new plant. When the seed is made to swell with the help of water, it comes to life: Plant hormones and enzymes are activated. These make use of the storage substances in the grain, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and transform them. Starch is converted into sugar compounds, protein into amino acids, and fats are converted into fatty acids that can be readily utilized. During germination, phytic acid is also broken down, which inhibits the absorption of micronutrients in the human organism. Drying is done gently under 42°C to ensure raw food quality. This preserves the valuable ingredients of the sprouted seeds and ensures a longer shelf life. In addition, the aroma intensifies and a pleasant, light-crunchy consistency is achieved.

Possible uses for sprouted pumpkin seeds raw

To exploit the full nutritional power of the germinated pumpkin seeds bio, they should be consumed raw. Our germinated pumpkin seeds are easy to nibble pure and are an ideal snack due to their satiating fiber. You can also add them to your muesli, yogurt or breakfast porridge. Homemade granola or muesli mixes enrich the sprouted pumpkin seeds with their nutritional power. They can also be used in crackers or muesli bars. The organic sprouted pumpkin seeds provide a light-crunchy component as a topping over salads, bowls or soups and can serve as a basis for vegetarian fritters. Ground into flour, the sprouted pumpkin seeds are suitable for baked goods such as bread, rolls, cakes or muffins.

Recipe tip: Spring salad with germinated pumpkin seeds


  • 100 g lamb’s lettuce
  • 1 handful of arugula
  • Some radicchio
  • 1 spring onion
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 tablespoons germinated pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. linseed oil
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Wash lettuces, cut carrots and green onions into thin rings. For the dressing, mix apple cider vinegar, linseed oil and olive oil with a whisk. Add a little sweetener, such as agave syrup, if desired. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place lettuces, scallions, carrots and sprouted pumpkin seeds in a bowl and mix with dressing. Garnish with hemp seeds. Enjoy your meal!

General information about Topfruits pumpkin seeds sprouted organic.

Ingredients: Organic pumpkin seeds sprouted in raw food quality.
Storage: store in a cool, dry place in a tightly closed container. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

Storage conditions for dried fruits and nut kernels:

Storage is best in a cool (< 15 degrees C), dry and dark place – in a tightly closed container. In summer and for longer storage without loss of quality and vermin infestation, store dried fruits best in the refrigerator.

Foreign matter in dried fruits and nut kernels:

Our all-natural dried fruits are harvested by many hardworking hands, sorted and processed as gently as possible. Despite sorting and multiple washing before the drying process and the strictest control at every stage of processing, it is not possible to 100% exclude the presence of isolated plant parts in such products, such as small leaves or stalks in the case of berries, individual shell residues in the case of cracked apricot kernels, or even a grain of sand in the case of natural drying in the end product.
The attempt to keep natural products 100% free of any foreign bodies in the way described is illusory and would make the products unaffordable.
Before consuming such natural and little processed food, the consumer is rather asked to look in order to remove possibly present things, as mentioned above.

Allergy information:

Most of our products are weighed and packed by hand, so that only the pure, above-mentioned product goes into the packaging and mixing, for example by residues of other (allergenic) substances, does not occur in our packaging systems.
Nevertheless, we cannot completely rule out cross-contamination with allergens such as nuts, peanuts, sesame, celery, soy and wheat, as such products are processed at our company and by our manufacturers and suppliers.

Additional information

Nutritional values per


Calorific value kj

2433 kj

Calorific value kcal

587 kcal


47,0 g

Saturated fatty acids

8,6 g


3,3 g

Of which sugar

1,3 g

Dietary Fibre

5,3 g


35,0 g


0,03 g

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
20.50  inc. Vat

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