Sprouted Naked Oats

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Topfruits germinated organic naked oats has raw food quality and contains through the germination particularly many nutrients. The germination process also increases the bioavailability and digestibility. Normally, oat flakes are always heated, whereby significant amounts of heat-sensitive ingredients, especially vitamins, are lost. Because naked oats are not heated, the full content of vital substances is contained in the oat grain. This is especially characterized by the protein content, minerals and B vitamins. Our germinated organic naked oats is a pure natural product, completely without preservatives. Its taste is mildly nutty and is especially suitable for your muesli, in raw food bars, but can also be used as a topping in salads or on bread or in the preparation of fried foods. Use the full power of germinated naked oats in BIO quality.

Advantages of Topfruits Naked Oats Organic Flakes germinated
  • germinated naked oats in organic and raw food quality
  • full content of all vital substances of the oat grain, because unheated
  • versatile use, e.g. in muesli, raw food bars or in fritters
  • pure natural product without preservatives
  • mild-nutty taste
Germinated Naked Oat Flakes organic: What happens during germination and drying?

In each seedling of a seed are all the plants for the resulting new plant. When the seed is made to swell with the help of water, it comes to life: Plant hormones and enzymes are activated. These make use of the storage substances in the grain, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and transform them. Starch is turned into sugar compounds, protein into amino acids, and fats are converted into fatty acids that are readily usable. During germination, phytic acid is also broken down, which inhibits the absorption of micronutrients in the human organism. Drying is carried out gently under 42 °C to ensure raw food quality. This preserves the valuable ingredients of the sprouted seeds and ensures a longer shelf life. In addition, the aroma intensifies and a pleasant, light-crunchy consistency is achieved.

Directions for use of germinated naked oats organic flakes

Sprouted Naked Oat Flakes in organic quality are a good source of nutrients in muesli, raw food bars or fried foods. They taste mild, nutty and can be eaten raw. Soaked overnight, they are great for overnight oats and can be enhanced with dried fruit as desired. Sprouted organic naked oat flakes are also suitable for bowls, soups and as a topping in salads. As a basis are also suitable for smoothies and spreads.

General information about Topfruits Organic Naked Oats Germinated Flaked.

Ingredients: Organic naked oats germinated, flaked in organic and raw food quality.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in a tightly closed container. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

Additional information

Calorific value kj

1484 kj

Calorific value kcal

352 kcal


7,0 g

Saturated fatty acids

1,5 g


53,0 g

Of which sugar

0,6 g

Dietary Fibre

8,6 g


15,0 g


0,025 g

Sprouted Naked Oats
9.90  inc. Vat

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