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The European Renaissance opened up more opportunities to get rich than the continent had ever seen before.

Global trade routes became a reality. Nobles – once content with grand castles and fur coats, now seek dark sapphires and glittering diamonds.

Experience the riches of this era in Splendor, a fast-paced, elegant and intuitive game where players scramble for control of gem mines, trade routes and stores to master the gem trade and capture the attention of nobles.

Become the most influential and richest trader in the jewelry market by optimizing your trading strategy. In this competitive world, your strategy must be flawless if you intend to win by collecting the most valuable points.

Priceless gems, exotic locations and precious cartridges!

Splendors elegantly simple gameplay is supported by abundant historical details and beautiful components.

Players begin the game by collecting gem tokens. If you manage to produce just the right gems, a noble patron, perhaps even King Henry VIII or Queen Isabella of Spain, will take you under her wing.

With simple rules and streamlined collecting mechanics, Splendor is an excellent game for younger or less experienced players.

A simple but unique economy makes Splendor easy to learn, but offers a challenging puzzle every time.

32.93  inc. Vat

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