Papaya Capsules, 90 Pieces

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Our papaya leaves from Nicaragua are known for their valuable enzymes, such as papain. In contrast to the ripe fruit, this is only found in the leaves of the papaya plant. This enzyme is composed of more than 200 (!) amino acids.

This unique product is completely in our hands. From the cultivation and harvest in Nicaragua, the export, to the bottling and labeling at our company in Main-Spessart, everything is done by Biosa & Maya Garden and shipped with love!

Contents: 90 capsules 500mg each, vegetarian capsule shell

Ingredients: 78.4% Carica Papaya leaf powder, 21.6% capsule shell (purely vegetable)

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules daily with sufficient liquid.

Country of origin: Nicaragua, Central America, Northwest of the country

Made in Germany


Manufacturer “Moringa Maya Garden”

The manufacturer Markus Neubert of Maya Garden has decades of experience in Central America from his work in development cooperation.

The cultivation takes place naturally and with exclusively organic means. Only the tender, green leaves are harvested and processed fresh. No leaf stalks are processed, these are also rich in vital substances, but because they are indigestible, they cannot be absorbed by the body.

Additional information

Nutritional values per


Calorific value kj

1209 kj

Calorific value kcal

290 kcal


4,8-5,5 g

Saturated fatty acids

1,2-1,6 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids

0,25-0,30 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

3,1-3,8 g


11,0-12,0 g


0,01 g


33,0 g

Total Sugar

5,0 g

Of which glucose

1,8 g


1,3 g


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Papaya Capsules, 90 Pieces
24.90  inc. Vat or 22.41  inc. Vat / month

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