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Omega Juicers MM900 – co-developed by celery juice pioneer Anthony William.

Celery juice is the star of power juices! “Medical Medium” and celery juice pioneer Anthony William has recommended this trend for years in the USA and has since inspired millions of people. Now celery fans in this country can also enjoy juice “original after Anthony”: With the Omega Juicers MM900, whose outstanding juice yield is also sworn by the master himself.

Celery, the green nutritional miracle

Celery is a health vegetable without equal. According to Anthony William, it is said to be effective against numerous ailments from skin irritations to high blood pressure. What’s certain is that the crunchy leafy stalks are fantastic sources of nutrients. In addition to magnesium and calcium, celery contains folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, provitamin A, iron and more. No wonder Anthony William dedicated an entire book to the many talents of celery juice!

A juicer designed specifically for celery juice

Anthony William emphasizes that in addition to the source material, organic celery stalks, the quality of the juicer is also crucial in order to get the most out of the benefits of the nutrients they contain. Together with the experienced U.S. manufacturer Omega, he therefore further developed the Omega Juicers 8227/8228 specifically for juicing whole celery stalks. The result was the Omega Juicers MM900. Anthony William: “Omega Juicers is my favorite brand, the MM900 is my favorite juicer…. there is no other juicer on the market that can extract juice from celery as well as this one.” We at Keimling Naturkost can only agree with this statement! Our own tests confirm: The juice yield is simply outstanding compared to other devices in this price range. Best processes the MM900 thereby small cut celery (2-3 cm pieces).

Powerful 2-step pressing technology and patent-pending celery cap

Two special features of the Omega Juicer MM900 ensure its unique juice yield and quality. Firstly, there is the two-stage pressing screw: With a gentle 80 revolutions per minute, it first crushes the celery stalks, thus preparing the actual pressing process in the second stage. Here, the plant cells are thoroughly broken up and the delicious juice with all its vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients is extracted.


Now the second stroke of genius comes into play, the patent-pending Celery Cap:
This clever adjustable pomace outlet sits at the very end of the pressing auger. It allows you to regulate the pressing pressure in the press housing in three stages, thus maximizing your juice yield to match the consistency of the celery. The effect is demonstrated not only by the very dry pomace, but also by a comparison of the juice yield with and without the celery cap (see graphic). With this technology and a low-noise motor, an optimum juice yield is achieved without any harmful oxygen input.

Celery juice in the morning, delicious variety afterwards

Look forward to color-intensive, homogeneous celery juice full of aromas and vital substances. Anthony William recommends drinking half a liter straight in the morning before breakfast. If this is too much for you as a newcomer, you can start with a smaller amount of celery juice and increase to 500 ml from day to day.

But the Omega Juicers MM900 can do even more: with the Celery Cap, it also juices wild herbs, wheatgrass, barley grass, lettuce leaves spinach, cucumbers and other chlorophyll-rich plants.

Celery juice: expert advice for maximum nutrients

The MM900 is designed to produce 500 ml of celery juice at a time. For quantities exceeding this, it is recommended to briefly empty the unit after the first 500 ml: Remove the locking cap and clean fibers from the pressing roller and the juicing sieve. It is also very helpful to juice the celery when it is cooled and to cut it into small pieces (2-3 cm), to fill the juicer continuously and not to let the juicer run empty or over. With these measures you effectively preserve the nutrients and the material of your juicer!

Omega Juicers MM900
449.00  inc. Vat

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