Nettle seeds

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Nettle seeds are suitable for use for detoxification or detox and purification and promote well-being in the kidney and bladder area. Everyone knows the nettle from the forest – so get some nature on your plate for home. Our whole, dried nettle seeds come from wild growth and are suitable for raw food nutrition. Nettle seeds are especially popular for making a soothing tea, both as a single ingredient or as part of delicious tea blends. In addition, they can refine salads and smoothies or be used for sprouting.
Advantages of nettle seeds at a glance
  • 100 % natural nettle seeds
  • gently dried in raw food quality
  • practical use & long shelf life
  • Nettle seeds are suitable for tea preparation or as topping
What is so special about nettle seeds?

Raw nettle seeds provide vegetable proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of secondary plant compounds. In naturopathy, nettle has long been valued for its valuable properties. Unlike nettle leaves, the seeds are not as well known and are less commonly used. Although nettle seeds offer an even greater wealth of plant compounds than the leaves. Among other things, the fruiting stalks of nettle naturally contain essential oils, vitamin E (tocopherol), mucilages and carotenoids (e.g. beta-carotene, lutein). Thanks to their phytonutrients, the consumption of nettle seeds has a dehydrating effect and helps maintain the natural acid-base balance of our body. Due to the natural drying process, nettle seeds may crunch a bit from time to time. Unfortunately, this cannot always be completely ruled out, but it does not diminish the high quality of our seeds.

Use of nettle seeds

Nettle seeds can be used in many ways and will certainly enrich your kitchen. You can easily prepare a delicious tea from nettle seeds. To do this, use 2 tsp of seeds per teacup and let the preparation brew for about 10 minutes. But the small seeds are not only suitable for tea preparations. Nettle seeds can also be eaten plain! If you are a bit more creative, you can sprinkle the raw seeds over your salad or refine your dressing with them, stir them into yogurt, mix them into your green smoothie or make a homemade pesto. To do this, the seeds should be soaked beforehand so that any sandy components can settle out and you just sprinkle the nettle seeds over your salad, etc. Some of our customers have also successfully used the nettle seeds as seeds. The seeds have raw food quality, in this respect there is no processing step that could affect the germination. However, we do not guarantee the germination ability.

Botanical information about the nettle

Due to its characteristic appearance and burning sensation when touched, stinging nettle is easy to identify. The stinging nettle (Urtica diocia) is a herbaceous plant and many people mistakenly consider it a weed. This is because it proliferates almost everywhere: in the garden, along roadsides, in forests, on meadows or along masonry. Nettles grow about 20 cm to 1 meter high. Nettle leaves are elongated, pointed and toothed. Everyone knows the burning sensation that stinging nettle causes when it touches the skin. This is due to the small stinging hairs that cover almost all parts of the plant. After skin contact, the typical painful wheals form, which, however, disappear after some time. This mechanism of the plant serves as a protection against predators. When the plant parts dry, they lose their burning effect. Nettle seeds do not burn and can be eaten without hesitation. Folk names are: Thunder Nettle, Big Nettle, Hemp Nettle, Nettel and Sauna Nettle. It also often happens that the plant is misspelled: Nettle.

Nettle seeds
6.50  inc. Vat

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