Moringa Cosmetic Care Oil

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Maya Garden Moringa Cosmetic Care Oil: Certified skin, face, & hair care.
  • The premium oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa Oleifera by a specially developed, very gentle cold pressing process. This gentle processing preserves the multitude of valuable ingredients.
  • Rich in antioxidants against free radicals & skin aging. Moringa seeds are so valuable because they contain a variety of vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, K & P, as well as the valuable unsaturated fatty acids & behenic acid.
  • Omega 9 is an important ingredient for suppleness of skin & hair. Facial care, skin care, hair care: Can be used for all skin types. For skin care, especially as skin oil for face, for hair or as massage oil.
  • Dermatest confirmed: Skin compatibility very good! 100% pure, unrefined Moringa oil from naturally valuable cultivation – without artificial additives, dyes, fragrances or preservatives – easy to use.
  • The entire process from the field to the customer is in one hand: the cultivation, the harvest, the processing, the filling & packaging. Therefore also guaranteed free of fertilizers & pesticides. A first-class laboratory-tested quality!
The quality guarantee – development aid at the highest level

From seed to finished product, Maya Garden has the entire value chain in hand & is a development aid worker in Nicaragua. Small farmers are accompanied to cultivate on mineral-rich volcanic soils according to traditional, natural cultivation culture. Raw materials are rigorously laboratory tested. Our safety promise: Many manufacturers avoid registration & testing due to cost. Our product is approved as a skin care oil & awarded “Very Good” skin compatibility by Dermatest.

This unique product is completely in our hands. From the cultivation, harvesting of the seeds and pressing of the oil in Nicaragua, the export, to the bottling and labeling with us in Main-Spessart, everything is done by Biosa & Maya Garden and shipped with love!

Experience the variety of Moringa seeds

Used for the premium skin oil are the gently cold-pressed seeds. The ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins & minerals make it a valuable anti-aging agent. Thanks to the essential & non-essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & trace elements, skin & hair is supplied with valuable nutrients & moisture.

The natural boost for skin & hair

The antioxidants provide firm & soft skin by promoting skin cell renewal & slowing skin aging.

How to use: apply a small amount to the skin, such as the face, & gently massage in. Can also serve as a makeup remover.

Hair Care: As a hair care oil, it helps dry hair ends to become supple. The head hair

Quality feature

The cold pressed premium oil becomes thick below room temperature (about 22ºC). It is a quality feature because no additives or preservatives are used. The bottle can be easily placed on a radiator or in a water bath & warmed.

Ingredients: 100% pure unrefined moringa oil, natural valuable cultivation.

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature, do not expose to sunlight.

Content: 100 ml / 50 ml

Country of origin: Nicaragua, Central America, Northwest of the country

Made in Germany


Manufacturer “Moringa Maya Garden”

The manufacturer Markus Neubert of Maya Garden has decades of experience in Central America from his work in development cooperation.

The cultivation takes place naturally and with exclusively organic means. Only the tender, green leaves are harvested and processed fresh. No leaf stalks are processed, these are also rich in vital substances, but because they are indigestible, they cannot be absorbed by the body.

How well the moringa plant can thrive and how high its nutrient content is depends on the quality of the soil, the fertilizers used and the cultivation method.

In the case of moringa, however, there is another factor that significantly determines its quality:

The transformation into Moringa leaf powder. This process can either be done gently, preserving all the nutrients in the leaves, or it can strip the plant of all its significant ingredients. Moisture is gently removed from these moringa leaves in a controlled manner at 38 °C. Temperatures above 38 °C destroy the valuable nutrients of Moringa Oleifera.

In the leaves of MAYA GARDEN they are preserved by the gentle dehydration process. At the end, the leaves still have a residual moisture of 5 – 7%. With us you get high quality powder. The finished product of MAYA GARDEN contains neither dyes nor preservatives, but only Moringa leaves.

Thanks to the advantageous conditions, especially high-quality Moringa plants grow in Nicaragua, Central America. Moringa from MAYA GARDEN is grown in the northwest of the country on fertile, volcanic soils, which provide ideal conditions for their development. The cultivation is completely natural with exclusively organic means.

Moringa – The “miracle tree” with Indian roots

The “Moringa miracle tree” was first mentioned 5,000 years ago in ancient Indian writings. In Ayurvedic teachings, which is one of the oldest handed down life teachings in the world, applications using components of the Moringa tree are also described. Moringa, by the way, is the dietary supplement of the stars. Many celebrities swear by Moringa and its incredible uses and applications!

Why is our Moringa so valuable?

According to many modern scientists, Moringa is one of the most versatile plants of all – and rightly so! Moringa is a powerhouse, packed with vitamins and minerals. The leaves are extremely rich in vitamins A, B and C and many important minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium or even phosphorus. In addition, Moringa has no known side effects!

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Moringa Cosmetic Care Oil
14.90 39.90  inc. Vat or from 13.41 35.91  inc. Vat / month

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