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Infrared raw food dehydrator CI IR D5 : As if dried by the sun

Dehydrated food – as if dried by the sun? With our innovative dehydrator CI IR D5 this dream comes true. The infrared technology makes it possible!

  • Absolutely even drying from the inside to the outside thanks to infrared technology
  • Interior door made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • Top workmanship
  • Pleasantly quiet operation
  • Replaceable air filter
  • Award winning design
  • BPA-free
Infrared raw food dehydrator: State-of-the-art technology for optimal dehydration results

The infrared waves produce an effect similar to that of drying in the sun, but with a previously unattained homogeneity. No matter where you place the dried food – in the front or in the back, on top, in the middle or at the bottom – the dried food is dried evenly in every place. And that from the inside to the outside.

The interior door of the dehydrator is made of stainless steel. This has the effect of maximizing the penetration of near-infrared radiation into the food to be dried.

What are infrared waves?

Our sunlight consists of visible and invisible rays. The visible rays are called rainbow colors. The invisible rays include, for example, infrared. The main natural source of all infrared radiation is the sun.

Infrared rays are also called heat rays. Our infrared raw food dehydrator has near, short wave infrared rays. This is the waveband that follows just behind visible light. These infrared waves penetrate the dehydrated food from the inside out. Conventional automatic dehydrators dry from the outside in. Due to the deep penetration of the infrared waves into the inside of the dried food, the valuable nutrients are retained in a much higher percentage than in conventional dehydrators.

Infrared raw food dehydrator: High quality interior – stainless steel interior door
The interior door of the infrared raw food dehydrator is completely made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is particularly durable and hygienic. The five specially shaped shelves are also made of stainless steel. The special shape of the stainless steel shelves ensures an even air flow.
Aroma and consistency form an epicurean unit

Whether dried pears, mushrooms or delicious vegetable chips made from savoy cabbage or red peppers, with the infrared raw food dehydrator you will experience undreamt-of moments of taste. Aroma and consistency form a delicious whole.

Infrared raw food dehydrator: Dehydrating – with or without infrared waves – according to your wishes

If you prefer to dry your dried delicacies without infrared, simply switch from “sun mode” to “shade mode”. That is: from “sun-dried” to “air-dried”. A symbol (sun or cloud) indicates the status. And: A color circle on the display lights up either orange or green. If needed, the lighting can be turned off.

Infrared raw food dehydrator: With automatic program

Whether you dry with or without infrared, in automatic mode the dehydrator stops when the best possible drying result is achieved. Disadvantage: Unfortunately, the raw food temperature is exceeded in automatic mode.

Infrared raw food dehydrator: Pleasantly quiet

The infrared dehydrator is very quiet – especially in relation to other food dehydrators.

Tip: The CI IR D5 has an air filter. Before the air passes over your dehydrated food, it is cleaned and only clean air enters the drying chamber. The air filter is replaceable and should be replaced every three months.

Thoughtful accessories for even more convenience

There are thoughtful details that make working in the kitchen easier for the amateur chef as well as the professional gourmet. Useful and extremely practical is the crumb tray as well as the included silicone gloves.

The dehydrator has a crumb tray. Crumbs that fall down collect on it. Simply remove the crumb tray and throw the crumbs away. Simplifies cleaning and maintenance of the device.

Silicone gloves are also included. Actually more intended for users who use the device at least 45 degrees. But they are also helpful at low temperatures. They have an anti-slip profile on both sides and prevent the inserts from slipping out of your hand when removing them. Practical: they have a loop for hanging.

Infrared raw food dehydrator: Award-winning design

The streamlined appearance of the CI IR D5 infrared raw food dehydrator with its gently rounded contours sets new standards in contemporary kitchen design.

in contemporary kitchen design. Its numerous awards speak for themselves. The infrared raw food dehydrator won the product design category of the international “Red dot Award” design competition.

Innovative dehydration technology, top workmanship, award-winning design paired with the experience of sun-like dried dehydrated delicacies.

Move with the times: treat yourself to progress with original taste!
Infrared Dehydrator
599.00  inc. Vat

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