Familiar Tales

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In the distant kingdom of Principia, dark forces threaten the ruling family. One by one, the family members fall victim to a conspiracy until only one baby, the crown princess, is left. Four magical beings are entrusted with protecting the little girl from the sinister usurper who has the entire country on tenterhooks.
Familiar Tales is more than just a board game. It’s an exciting adventure story in which you’ll play the familiars of a wizard and have to protect and raise a little princess. Defend her against the forces of evil and be a family to her. But children need more than just safety. Each of your decisions will affect the girl’s development. In the end, will you reclaim the throne? And what kind of woman will ascend it?
Experience a fantasy epic spanning decades, read by professional voice actors. Explore a vast game world full of branching paths and unforgettable characters, and see how your choices affect the development of the child in your care.
You’ll need a free web app to play the fully-dubbed family game. Numerous save points let you decide how long you want to play and when you want to interrupt.

Familiar Tales
62.99  inc. Vat

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