Eschenfeld Sprout Jar

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Eschenfelder sprout jar set: Weather-independent superfood from the kitchen.

With these sprout jar sets from German production, you can watch health grow, harvest and enjoy every day throughout the year. The combination of glass and fine-meshed sieves with screw ring made of stainless steel, ensures an effortless as well as hygienic clean cultivation of sprouts, shoots and micro-greens exclusively with water, completely without soil.

This is the best way to grow

You will receive 2 or 3 sprout jars, each with a capacity of 1000 ml and equipped with fine-mesh sieves and stainless steel screw rings. A key element of the Eschenfelder system is the drip tray in white ceramic so that your sprout cultivation also succeeds optimally. It features a very high quality – high-fired and food-safe glazed. Together with the stainless steel draining rack, we can already speak of a guarantee of success! Because it is important for the cultivation that the sieves are not completely covered by the seeds, so they are placed at an angle, so that the contents of the jars are well ventilated and excess water can drain off.

Many similar systems, with jars placed vertically, do not meet this important feature. Another important factor that made us decide to include Eschenfelder products in our program again is that everything is handmade in Germany. By the way, the included ceramic bowl ensures that the system can be placed anywhere, as the dripping water is collected.

Child’s play

The practice is more than simple: Once the seeds are filled into the jar, the fun can start, because soaking and rearing takes place in the same jar and nothing has to be decanted or changed – even the stainless steel lid is only opened again after filling with the harvest, which already starts between 2 and 7 days.

Here’s how the growing process works in detail:
  1. Soak seeds in filtered water for a few hours, depending on the variety (see instructions for seeds for exact duration).
  2. Then pour off the soaking water and rinse the jar well and place it in the rack with the opening facing downwards.
  3. Then rinse at least once a day until harvest.

For seeds, such as alfalfa, where the focus is less on the seed than on the small plant with leaves, the jar should still be exposed to daylight before harvesting to support chlorophyll formation.

By the way, we have chosen the 1000 ml version because small quantities can be grown in the large jars, but just not vice versa!

One more note about your choice of seeds to use: The jars are not suitable for mucilage-forming seeds such as cress, arugula, mustard, chia and flax seeds!

Eschenfeld Sprout Jar

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