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Oh no, that bird! The dodo is insanely proud of his magnificent egg, which he hatches on the highest mountain peak of Mangalopanesia.

But then he makes a wrong move and the egg rolls out of the nest. It rolls uncoordinated towards the cliff edge!

Only the players can save it now. To do this, they have to hurry and work together as a team to build bridges so that the wobbly egg arrives safely at the foot of the mountain.

How does it work?

The two to four players play as a team giving each other valuable tips and trying to save the wiggly egg. To get the egg rolling, the first player tilts the Dodo figure slightly forward so that the egg rolls out of the nest. Now roll the dice and reveal one of the 58 building tiles. Does the material on the dice and the building tile match? Perfect! Then the tile can be placed on the bridge’s storage field. Does it not match? Then turn the tile over again and it’s the next person’s turn.

The islanders help the children with their project: They can always be placed instead of a building tile. Are all the tiles of a bridge occupied? Then quickly place the bridge on the mountain. And on it goes with the next bridge …

32.99  inc. Vat

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