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Camu Camu C++ is an outstanding source of natural vitamin C. 100% pure and concentrated fruit without any additives. The berries grow in the Amazon rainforest and are picked by hand. The slow and gentle manufacturing process based on the whole fruit optimally preserves the natural nutrients in their entirety. 30kg of fresh fruit is processed into 1kg of Camu Camu C++ fruit powder without the use of heat or irradiation. The high and until the expiration date stable vitamin C value without any additives is unique and makes Camu Camu C++ the best and most natural Camu Camu product on the market.

One reason for the exceptionally high vitamin C content is that the plant grows in lush rainforest soil. It grows largely in the Amazon basin, which means that new soil and new nutrients are washed up every year during the rainy season.

Ascorbic Acid, Acerola, Camu Camu – Which Vitamin C is Best?

The bioavailability of UHTCO’s Camu-Camu is extremely high, as proven by several studies. The camu camu plant is the edible fruit with the highest vitamin C content in the world! The body absorbs vitamin-C best in the form of Camu-Camu and can utilize it best. Here, no comparison should be made to synthetically produced vitamin-C, as the bioavailability is many times higher and therefore better for the body.
Care should therefore be taken when reading the ingredients of a food product. As soon as ascorbic acid or vitamin C is listed, these are added substances!
Our list of ingredients, on the other hand, is: 100% Camu-Camu fruit powder.

Why Camu-Camu C ++?

Camu-Camu has about 50x more vitamin C than an orange! It is the pure and concentrated fruit, without additives. Taking it sustainably strengthens the immune system.

When is vitamin C useful?

Camu-Camu C++ is useful for strengthening the immune system. It also supports a healthy psyche, helps with fatigue and protects against oxidative stress.

Wild collected vs. organic

UHTCO gives preference to the camu camu fruit of traditional wild collection. The reasons briefly explained: the fruit usually grows in a flooded area, such as a riverbed, where new soil is regularly washed up. In this natural environment, of course, organic certification is not possible. In order to be able to offer organic certified Camu-Camu nevertheless, but not to lose the advantage of the natural irrigation and the nutrient input gained by it, UHTCO has changed the production to organic certified fruits, which are irrigated with river water. The Camu-Camu C++ fruit powder is therefore also BIO certified.

The harvest

Unlike other fruits, Camu-Camu should be harvested before it is red and thus fully ripe. This is the only way to ensure the best nutritional values. UHTCO obtains the fruit directly from the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest. Just 0.5g of the powder covers the minimum daily requirement of vitamin C!

Vitamin C – stable or not?

On many products you can find information about the vitamin C content. After a few months, however, the actual value is often much lower than the average vitamin C content indicated on the packaging. UHTCO guarantees the indication of honest average values, i.e. as a consumer you can sometimes expect more than is indicated on the packaging – until the end of the minimum shelf life date.


Unfortunately, there were and still are companies that purchase Camu-Camu from the “best supplier”. These fruits are often “stolen” from the rainforest in an unsustainable way. The local indigenous people try to stop this because Camu-Camu is an alternative source of income. UHTCO supports these sustainable working methods and tries to protect the rainforest habitat.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • For skin, nails, bones and teeth
  • For better energy metabolism
  • For a stable nervous system
  • For a healthy psyche
  • Helps with fatigue
  • Better absorption of iron
  • Protects against oxidative stress
Nutritional value
  • 16% vitamin C from fruit only
  • High ORAC value
  • 50x more vitamin C than an orange and 10x more iron on average

Note: Please follow the intake recommendations and label directions.

Ingredients: Concentrated Camu Camu fruit powder 30:1.

Contents: 100g or 90 capsules

Vitamin C: 16000,00 mg per 100g

Origin: Amazon rainforest / Peru, wild collection

Recommended intake: 1,5g daily

Country of origin: Peru

Manufacturer “UHTCO Corporation Ltd.

Who is UHTCO?

UHTCO Corporation is a Canadian company of Peruvian origin that specializes in designing, manufacturing, importing and distributing products of the highest quality from the Andes of Peru and the Amazon. UHTCO stands for quality, innovation and responsibility. They work according to the “True Food Concept”, proving ancient knowledge and traditional production methods. Thus, they offer the best products of Peru.
The production methods of the products are constantly being developed to ensure the highest quality and best workmanship. Only products based on the most exceptional plants of Peru are offered and at the same time they contribute to the preservation of biodiversity (= the diversity of life) and the ecosystem.
A wide range of traditional foods from Peru is now available! Original Andean flours made from nutritious roots and tubers, freeze-dried exotic fruits and vegetables, exotic fruit extracts and powders from the Andes and the rainforest, and much more…
Quality you can feel and taste! Vitamin C as powder or in capsule form.

Additional information

Nutritional values per


Calorific value kj

1420 kj

Calorific value kcal

339 kcal


1,39 g

Saturated fatty acids

0,5 g


66,70 g

Of which sugar

2,10 g


0,00 g


5,54 g



Nutritional values per

3 Capsules

Calorific value kj

21 kj

Calorific value kcal

5 kcal


0,02 g

Saturated fatty acids

0,01 g


1,00 g

Of which sugar

0,03 g


0,00 g


0,08 g


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Camu Camu Vitamin C++
21.90 29.90  inc. Vat or from 19.71 26.91  inc. Vat / month

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