Avocado Leaf Tea

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Avocado leaves are richer in protein and fiber than the fruit or seed. Per 100g of leaf, there are about 25.54g of protein and 38.40g of fiber, while the fruit contains only 1.60g and 2.06g of protein and fiber, respectively.

This variety, as well as the other teas, is of the highest quality and imported from Maya Garden. Maya Garden’s concept promotes traditional farming and involves small farmers in an educational initiative to train them in natural farming. A fair price is paid for the avocado leaves to sustainably improve the living conditions of the rural population.

This unique product is completely in our hands. From the cultivation and harvest in Nicaragua, the export, to the bottling and labeling at our company in Main-Spessart, everything is done by Biosa & Maya Garden and shipped with love!


The leaves have a good amount of sodium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Increased potassium intake helps prevent high blood pressure and calcium supports the structure and hardness of bones and teeth, nerve function and circulation.


Avocado leaves also contain a higher amount of healthy phytochemicals such as flavonoids and phenols than the fruit or seed.


Pour the avocado leaves into a tea strainer. To preserve the valuable ingredients and ensure they are not destroyed, use hot water with a temperature no higher than 80 ° C. Let the tea steep in the water for 5 to 10 minutes to get the best possible taste. You can improve the taste of your tea with honey, lemon juice or mint.
You can also mix it with other premium teas from Maya Garden.

Content: 50 g

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Ingredients: 100% avocado leaf grown on micro plantations, without fertilizers or additives

Maya Garden tea in exquisite quality
  • Naturally valuable grown
  • Grown on volcanic soils
  • Gently processed
  • Dehydrated below 38°C
  • Family farm with German roots directly in Nicaragua
  • Fairly produced & traded
  • Without additives and preservatives


Manufacturer “Moringa Maya Garden”

The manufacturer Markus Neubert of Maya Garden has decades of experience in Central America from his work in development cooperation.

The cultivation takes place naturally and with exclusively organic means. Only the tender, green leaves are harvested and processed fresh. No leaf stalks are processed, these are also rich in vital substances, but because they are indigestible, they cannot be absorbed by the body.

How well the moringa plant can thrive and how high its nutrient content is depends on the quality of the soil, the fertilizers used and the cultivation method.

In the case of moringa, however, there is another factor that significantly determines its quality:

The transformation into Moringa leaf powder. This process can either be done gently, preserving all the nutrients in the leaves, or it can strip the plant of all its significant ingredients. Moisture is gently removed from these moringa leaves in a controlled manner at 38 °C. Temperatures above 38 °C destroy the valuable nutrients of Moringa Oleifera.

In the leaves of MAYA GARDEN they are preserved by the gentle dehydration process. At the end, the leaves still have a residual moisture of 5 – 7%. With us you get high quality powder. The finished product of MAYA GARDEN contains neither dyes nor preservatives, but only Moringa leaves.

Thanks to the advantageous conditions, especially high-quality Moringa plants grow in Nicaragua, Central America. Moringa from MAYA GARDEN is grown in the northwest of the country on fertile, volcanic soils, which provide ideal conditions for their development. The cultivation is completely natural with exclusively organic means.


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Avocado Leaf Tea
7.90  inc. Vat or 7.11  inc. Vat / month

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