About us

We stand for a conscious, healthy lifestyle where high life energy is the most important thing. Because everything is ultimately energy (or prana, chi or shakti).
Since we travel a lot, it took hours of research each time to locate a healthy infrastructure for us locally. Where can we buy natural food? Where can we eat out with a clear conscience? Which hotel supports our values?
Since there is still comparatively little natural food everywhere (which should be the norm), we want to create something that helps us all find what’s important faster in one place and save your valuable time.
That’s why we offer you our natural local directory of hotels, restaurants, stores and services with convenient proximity search and filtering options. So you profit and also the found provider, which we would like to support with this. The same with our product directory, where we want to present you the highest quality things we have found. Because often extraordinary products are hard to find.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand consciousness. Awareness of our nature, the earth, well-being, energy, the inner self, the heart.
We want to promote self-empowerment and personal responsibility to make your own decisions, to feel free and independent, to use your own creative power, to take responsibility for yourself and therefore more likely for others. Thus, everything starts inside and flows out from there everywhere.
With our work, we want to give special support to small farms and family businesses that focus on high quality rather than quantity, allowing them to become more visible and grow.
We want to promote sustainable, fair harvesting methods in harmony with nature and get more people excited about it. If you value our mission, we invite you here to help us with our vision!

Our standards are based on our extensive health knowledge, which has always been our passion. And we have always been known in our environment for seeking out the best or special things.

Our ideal restaurant standards

  • All ingredients wild-collected or organically grown, without pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • ideally homegrown or regionally sourced, seasonal
  • ideally use of wild herbs
  • fresh preparation
  • use of spring water or at least well filtered or revitalized water
  • use of halite crystal salt, Himalayan salt, fleur de sel, rock salt or sea salt, without additives or fillers
  • no additives or flavor enhancers
  • as far as possible no finished products
  • if possible everything vegetable
  • ideally natural sweeteners such as yacon, honey, maple syrup, coconut blossom sugar/syrup, date sugar/syrup, xylitol, agave syrup, stevia instead of bleached granulated sugar
  • gluten-free and sprouted, if possible
  • if possible soaked, activated nuts and seeds
  • use of high-quality oils and fats
  • Eggs from organic free-range, preferably without fratricide
  • Dairy products only from organic, ethical animal husbandry with species-appropriate, organic feed and, if possible, loving calf husbandry
  • Meat only from ethical, organic animal husbandry with species-appropriate, organic feed and as stress-free slaughtering as possible (we don’t eat meat, but recommend high-quality meat to omnivores)
  • fair payment and respectful, mindful treatment of employees

Our ideal hotel standards

  • natural fresh cuisine with many gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, sugar-free options,
    perhaps with some ingredients grown on-site (see our Restaurant Standards),
  • good spring water or at least well-filtered and/or revitalized water throughout the house,
  • a chlorine-free pool or natural bathing pond,
  • electromagnetic fields suppressed throughout the house, including the solar system,
  • natural cleaning agents,
  • rooms as quiet as possible,
  • options for yoga, exercise, meditation or fasting,
  • child care or a playground,
  • ideally energetic furnishings
  • an energetic, quiet environment of the hotel naturally increases the recreational value even more
  • a steam sauna without tap water,
  • massages with natural cosmetics or natural oils,
  • crystals,
  • special woods,
  • natural hand soaps,
  • good indoor air without artificial fragrances,
  • a mindful, chemical-free laundry service,
  • fair payment and respectful, mindful treatment of employees.

Our ideal product and service standards

  • Wild-collected or organic production, without pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • natural, as unprocessed and compatible as possible
  • ethical and fair
  • crystal sugar free
  • gluten-free or sprouted, if possible
  • as far as possible use of spring water or at least well filtered and/or revitalized water
  • no unnatural additives or fillers of any kind
  • much from small idealistic farms and family businesses
  • natural materials and ingredients
  • life-enhancing, positive, expanding, heart-based content
  • produced with positive awareness and intention
  • high effectiveness
  • fair price-performance ratio
  • fair payment and respectful, mindful treatment of employees

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